Get the essential course you need to create high-quality 3D models and animations in Maya 2017. This course covers the core Maya skills—modeling, texturing, rendering, and animation—within a real-world project-based workflow that translates equally well to film, motion graphics, and game design.

It starts with the basics of selecting and manipulating objects and organizing scenes, as you learn the interface and explore Maya's features. Trainer then takes you through polygonal modeling, creating and refining meshes, sculpting, and NURBS modeling. Once you understand modeling, Trainer will show how to create and apply materials to surfaces—adding color, texture, and reflectivity. Trainer üill then integrate cameras, lighting, and depth-of-field effects into the rendering process, using the built-in software renderer, v-ray, and the new Arnold for Maya renderer.

Topics include:

  •  Introduction and project overview
  •  Exploring Maya's Animation Preferences
  •  Finishing our walk-through of the Animation Preferences
  •  Setting keyframes in Maya
  •  Animation Layers, Transform Keys and Maya's Set Key tool
  •  Adding moving holds in Maya
  •  Working with Key Ticks
  •  Editing Keys on the Time Slider
  •  The Graph Editor
  •  Editing keys in the Graph Editor and f-curve interpolation types
  •  Utilizing Buffer Curves
  •  Breaking tangents
  •  Moving holds and Weighted Tangents
  •  Animating seamless cycles in Maya
  •  Completing our animated cycle
  •  Automating movement with expressions
  •  Baking animation
  •  Optimizing animation data
  •  Gimbal Lock and the Euler Filter
  •  Animating an object along a path
  •  Finishing our path animation
  •  Animating with constraints
  •  Ghosting animated objects
  •  Editable Motion Trails
  •  The Grease Pencil
  •  Transferring animation with Character Sets and the Trax Editor
  •  Creating real-time previews with Playblasts

Kurs haqqında

  • Dərs saatı
    12 saat/ay
  • Sertifikat
  • Səviyyə
  • Müddət
    6 ay
  • Fərdi
    350 ₼/ay
  • Qrup
    250 ₼/ay