Learn CINEMA 4D. From polygonal and spline modeling to lighting, rendering, and shading, this series of CINEMA 4D tutorials will get you up to speed quickly so that you can make great looking 3D graphics and animations with ease.

CINEMA 4D (aka C4D) is a vital tool for anyone considering a career in motion graphics, visual effects, or animation. Whether you're just starting out or migrating to C4D from another program, CINEMA 4D Essential Course has you covered. The rest of the course divides CINEMA 4D's core functionality into individual chapters on spline modeling, polygonal modeling, deformers, materials and shaders, lighting, the MoGraph toolbox, animation, and rendering. Trainer also shows how to composite your C4D work with live-action footage and other effects in After Effects, using the AEC or CINEWARE workflow.
Topics include:
  • What's new in CINEMA 4D?
  • Using the Take System for versioning and compositing
  • Navigating the C4D interface
  • Modeling splines
  • Building 3D models from polygons
  • Using deformers to bend, twist, and warp models
  • Adding surface detail with materials and shaders
  • Working with 3D lighting
  • Using the MoGraph tools
  • Animating in CINEMA 4D
  • Rendering your models and animations
  • Compositing C4D models in After Effects

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