Apple introduced Swift in June 2014, describing it as Objective-C without the C. Yet with version 2, announced in June 2015, Swift is pulling away from its Objective-C origins and breaking new ground as a modern language that is safe, fast, and expressive. This course covers data types, control statements, functions, classes and structures, and much more.

        Completing this course will prepare you to use Swift to develop apps for iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Topics include:

  • Installing Xcode
  • Creating and using playgrounds
  • Defining variables and constants
  • Working with strings
  • Using arrays, dictionaries, sets, and tuples
  • Performing operations
  • Controlling program flow
  • Working with functions and closures
  • Defining classes, structures, and enumerations
  • Defining and adopting protocols
  • Extending types
  • Generic programming
  • Using access control

Kurs haqqında

  • Dərs saatı
    12 saat/ay
  • Sertifikat
  • Səviyyə
  • Müddət
    3 ay
  • Fərdi
    300 ₼/ay
  • Qrup
    200 ₼/ay